Conductive processing (ST processing)

Our Original Conductive Coating (ST-Coating)

Our processing technology (ST processing) enables us to produce conductive films (polyimide (PI), polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polyolefin (PO)). These conductive films have been used in processes for manufacturing HDD parts, semiconductors, and electronic parts, and are safe to use in these processes.


  • Conductive polymer has stable conductive performance because the Conductive Polymer polymerize to base materials by pyrrole.
  • Conductive polymer makes extremely thin films and transparent conductivity possible.
  • Clean and stable conductive performance with
    minimum bleeding and defluxion.
  • Excellent chemical properties – low out-gas, low ion
    contamination silicon-free etc.

Compatibility with base material

Material Compatibility Material Compatibility
PET Excellent PA6 Good
A-PET Excellent PA66 Good
PE Good PES Excellent
PS Excellent PEEK Excellent
PP Good PEI Excellent
POM Poor PI Excellent
PC Excellent PVC Good
ABS Excellent LCP Fair
PAN Excellent Glass Poor
PMMA Poor Metal Poor

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