Wafer Handling System

Pink Inner foam: Antistatic Type/PEAS
Antistatic multi-layer foam

Packing and Shipping information

Model number Carton size(mm) Quantity G/W Corresponding
MA-4PEAS-1 225X225X195H 300 1.7kg MA-4
MA-4PEAS-3 225X225X195H 100 1.6kg
MA-4PEAS-5 300X300X200H 100 1.6kg
MA-4PEAS-6 330X180X240H 100 1.7kg
MA-4PEAS-10 300X300X200H 50 1.7kg
MA-5PEAS-1 280×150×270H 300 1.0kg  MA-5
MA-5PEAS-3 280X150X270H 100 1.7kg
MA-5PEAS-5 300X300X200H 100 1.7kg
MA-5PEAS-6 300X300X200H 100 1.7kg
MA-5PEAS-10 300X300X200H 50 1.7kg
MA-6PEAS-1 300X180X240H 300 1.7kg MA-6S
MA-6PEAS-3 330X180X240H 100 1.7kg
MA-6PEAS-5 335X335X240H 100 1.8kg
MA-6PEAS-6 335x335x240H 100 1.9kg
MA-6PEAS-10 335x335x240H 50 1.8kg
MA-8PEAS-1 435X440X155H 400 2.0kg MA-8S
MA-8PEAS-3 440X230X250H 100 1.8kg
MA-8PEAS-5 430X430X370H 200 2.6kg
MA-8PEAS-6 430X440X370H 200 2.8kg
MA-8PEAS-10 430X440X370H 100 2.6kg
MA-9PEAS-1 530X310X260H 400 2.1kg ND-6N
MA-9PEAS-3 530X310X260H 100 1.9kg
MA-9PEAS-5 530X310X260H 100 2.2kg
MA-9PEAS-6 530X310X260H 100 2.3kg
MA-9PEAS-10 530X310X260H 50 2.2kg
MA-295PEAS-1 330×330×350H 300 2.0kg  ND-8
MA-295PEAS-3 340X340X350H 100 2.2kg
MA-295PEAS-5 615X415X345H 100 2.7kg
MA-295PEAS-6 615X415X345H 100 2.9kg
MA-295PEAS-10 620x480x520H 100 3.9kg
MA-12PEAS-1 340X340X350H 300 2.3kg NA-300LA
MA-12PEAS-3 340X340X350H 100 2.2kg
MA-12PEAS-5 620X480X520H 200 4.0kg
MA-12PEAS-6 620X480X520 200 4.5kg
MA-12PEAS-10 620X480X520H 100 4.0kg
MA-16PEAS-1 435X440X155H 100 2.0kg NDM-12
MA-16PEAS-3 430X440X370H 100 2.8kg
MA-16PEAS-5 430X440X570H 100 3.7kg
MA-16PEAS-6 430X440X570H 80 3.6kg
MA-16PEAS-10 430X440X570H 50 3.7kg

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