Wafer Carrier

125mm Horizontal Wafer Shipper
Protos Carrier MA-5
5inch Horizontal Wafer Shipper

MA-5 is a compact and stackable wafer shipper for 125mm wafers. It can hold up to 25 wafers. Uses conductive high-purity materials and is ESD compliant (ANSI/ESD S541 compliant). Compatible with automatic wafer transfer equipment.


  • Made from low particles/ionic/outgassing material
  • ESD safe / Conforms to ANSI / ESD S541.
  • Damage during transportation is reduced by double wall instruction
  • Compatible with automatic wafer packing equipment.


Part number MA-5
Compatible wafer size 125mm or 5inch
Capacity 25 wafers
Material Static dissipative blend of polypropylen(PP) and carbon
Dimension 90mm × 150mm × 150mm
Weight 0.31kg
Wafer storage diameter 128+/-1 mm
Wafer storage height 50.0mm
Surface resistance R < 10^6 Ω
Carton dimension 10 cases/carton (440mmx330mmx200mm, 4.0kg)

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How to store

5inch = 125mm wafer / 25 wafers can be stored

【Example 100μT wafer】

※Inner foam thickness changes depending on the thickness of the wafer.
※This package example does not guarantee that the wafer will not crack.

How to close

①Align the edges
(Yellow line in the figure)

②Turn counterclockwise until TOP falls naturally

③Turn right TOP

④Twist lock finish

Cushion stacking guideline

Cushion stacking guideline
* Mark: ribs

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