Wafer Handling System

100mm Horizontal Wafer Shipper (4inch)
Protos Carrier MA-4
Horizontal Wafer Shipper (ESD Supported)

Achilles’ Wafer Package System can transfer your wafers both safely and efficiently. Based on our proven technology nurtured by years of experience, this wafer package system can transfer such highly fragile wafers as thin wafers for TSV chips and compound wafers.


  • For 100mm wafers. Maximum storage capacity of 25 wafers.
  • Made from low particles/ionic/outgassing material
  • ESD safe / Conforms to ANSI / ESD S541.
  • Damage during transportation is reduced by double wall instruction
  • Compatible with automatic wafer packing equipment.


Model number
Container Body PP/(Polypropylene) carbon included,
Surface resistance value
R < 10^6 Ω
Wafer storage diameter
Height of storage
product size
90mm × 150mm × 150mm 0.36kg
Carton size (10pcs/carton)
440mm × 330mm × 200mm 4.4kg


  • Insert /Interleaf
  • Pink or black inner foam
  • Moisture barrier bags

Recommended combination

  For Memory For Logic For Compound Wafer
cushion MA-4PEAS-□※1    
interleaf PEA-4-350(Z1)    
Inner tray VFS-4-6R-65A    

※1 □:1/3/5/6/10
※2 ■:1/3/5/10

PEAS,PEA : Antistatic Type 

PESD,CPS : Conductive Type 

How to store

4inch = 100mm wafer / 25 wafers can be stored

【Example 100μT wafer】

※Inner foam thickness changes depending on the thickness of the wafer.
※This package example does not guarantee that the wafer will not crack.

How to close

①Align the edges
(Yellow line in the figure)

②Turn counterclockwise until TOP falls naturally

③Turn right TOP

④Twist lock finish

Cushion stacking guideline

Cushion stacking guideline
* Mark: ribs

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