Wafer Carrier

300mm Single Film Frame Shipper
Single wafer tray VFP-ND-12R-90A
12inch Single Film Frame Shipper (ESD Supported)

The VFP series of FFS can be used to store and carry single 12inch dicing wafer with a tape frame.


  • Non-contact with wafer surface.
  • Single wafer with a tape frame can be carried.
  • Uses a clean conductive material (conductive polymer).
  • Optimal for transporting test production wafers.
  • ESD safe.


Part number VFP-ND-12R-90A
Compatible wafer size 300mm or 12inch frame wafer
Capacity 1 wafer
Material Conductive A-PET
Dimension 1.7mm × 420mm × 420mm
Weight 0.42kg
Surface resistance R < 10^7 Ω
Carton dimension 10 cases/carton (480mmx360mmx510mm, 10.0kg)

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