Conductive tape

Heat-resistant conductive tape (silicon glue type)

This is a conductive tape used in baking processes in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Using conductive polyimide (PI) film and conductive polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film as antistatic measures, the tape is safe to use with wafers and electronic parts.


  • Conductive polyimide (PI) film and conductive polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film are used.
  • Suppresses peeling charge of wafers and electronic components, when the tape is peeled off.
  • Uses heat-resistant base material and adhesive.
    Heat resistant temperature
    PEN:180℃ PI:260℃


Model number
①STSI-PEN#25S104 ②STSI-PI#25S104
①Conductive PEN ② Conductive PI
240±2mm (For φ200mm) or 330±2mm (For φ300mm)
20m or 80m
Base Film Thickness
Total Thickness

*The film thickness can be changed.

Configuration image

Physical property 

  Unit STSI-PEN#25S104 STSI-PI#25S104 Measurement
Surface resistivity Ω/□ 1.3×105 1.3×105 High resistivity meter
Surface resistivity
(Adhesive site)
Ω/□ >1.3×1013 >1.3×1013 High resistivity meter
Decay time sec <0.3 <0.3 FTM 101C-4046

Adhesive strength

(vs Glass)

N/25mm 0.2 0.2 Peeling Speed : 300mm/min
Peeling Angle : 170°
Outgassing μg/g 34 43 170℃ 10min.
Transparency rate % 75 47 JIS K 7105

*This data is an actual measurement value, not a guaranteed value.

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