Conductive tape

Heat-resistant conductive tape (non-silicon type)

This is a conductive tape used in baking processes in manufacturing CMOS and other semiconductors or electronics. Using our own heat-resistant acryl glue, the tape does not generate siloxane, which contaminates wafers and electronic parts. In addition, using a conductive polyimide (PI) film and conductive polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film as antistatic measures, the tape is safe to use with wafers and electronic parts.


  • Using heat-resistant acryl glue, the tape does not generate siloxane(silicon free).
  • The tape causes less peeling electric charge on wafers and electronic parts.
  • The base material and adhesive have heat resistance.
    Heat-resistant temperature of PI: 200℃


Model number
①ST-PEN#25A925 ②ST-PI#25A925
①Conductive PEN ② Conductive PI
240±2mm (For φ200mm) or 330±2mm (For φ300mm)
20m or 80m
Base Film Thickness
Total Thickness

*The film thickness can be changed.

Configuration image

Physical property 

  Unit ST-PEN#25A925 ST-PI#25A925 Measurement
Surface resistivity Ω/□ 1.3×105 1.3×105 High resistivity meter
Surface resistivity
(Adhesive site)
Ω/□ >1.3×1013 >1.3×1013 High resistivity meter
Decay time sec <0.3 <0.3 FTM 101C-4046

Adhesive strength

(vs Glass)

N/25mm 0.38 0.38 Peeling Speed : 300mm/min
Peeling Angle : 170°
Outgassing μg/g 158 201 170℃ 10min.
Transparency rate % 78 46 JIS K 7105

*This data is an actual measurement value, not a guaranteed value.

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