Conductive tape

Conductive UV tape 

This is a conductive UV tape that can be used in electronics manufacturing processes. By taking advantage of our unique technologies, we succeeded in producing conductive films (polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films) and a conductive adhesive. Its excellent antistatic performance makes the tape safe to use in wafer and electronic part manufacturing processes.


  • Tape comprised of conductive films and a conductive UV adhesive
  • The tape can be used in semiconductor and electronic part manufacturing processes.
  • The tape causes less peel electrification voltage  electric charge on wafers and electronic parts.
  • The tape can be easily peeled off after UV irradiation.

Physical property

Base Film Glue
Polyester (PET) UV Acrylic
Item Unit measured value
Surface Resistivity Film side Ω 5.4 × 105
Adhesive side 1.5 × 107

*This data is an actual measurement value, not a guaranteed value.

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